The International Festival of Education in open-air, a new and modern concept for Romania.

The International Festival of Education – FIE Iaşi develops a new cultural field and aligns the city of Iaşi with the most creative cities in Europe through a new concept, that of “education, culture and art outdoor” and especially “education through entertainment “.

In 2013, Iaşi becomes the first city in Romania to host an International Festival of Education, a project that contributes to the long-term cultural, social and economic development of the city.

Through FIE, Iaşi will be connected to the international network of events that encourage intercultural dialogue and exchange of cultural and artistic experiences, the festival succeeding in bringing to the fore the role of art in education.

The educational dimension of the festival is reflected in the concept, structure and program of the event, but also in the organization: the emphasis is laid on collaboration, communication, meetings, exchange of experience and ideas, education, urban culture, entertainment and diversity.

Through an exceptional program of events that stimulate the participation of the entire society as well as individual creativity, FIE Iaşi will add to the portfolio of major projects, in the application of our city to the title of “European Capital of Culture”.

FIE Iaşi is based on the idea of open cultural space and diversity and offers the opportunity to strengthen cultural cooperation in the cultural area and to promote permanent dialogue at a European level. The festival offers visitors the opportunity to come into contact with personalities from the world of culture in a relaxed atmosphere, in both conventional and unconventional locations.

FIE enriches the image of Iaşi as a city open to art and education and the structure of the festival combines cultural and artistic activities with leisure activities. The events within the festival will take place in several locations in the city, bringing together, for 10 days, a large number of visitors from Moldova County and throughout Romania.

FIE is a platform open for events, festivals, concerts, conferences and exhibitions in the areas of education and culture in the city of Iaşi.